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Lecture Programs and Books

"THE STREETS BELONG TO THE PEOPLE."(1912). New York City Women and the Fight for the Vote.

You know about Stanton, Anthony, Gage and the 19th century, but you may not know that in 1917, years after the deaths of those suffrage legends, New York City activists finally led the way to victory in the long votes for women campaign. An unparalleled concoction of socialites and socialists organized in the streets, "occupying" Fifth Avenue. the lower east side,and the outer boroughs, insisting that "women's rights are human rights" (1908) and that votes for women would help bring equal pay for equal work.

This illustrated talk invites you along as the Statue of Liberty is being unveiled, while a hardy few wait in the harbor with signs declaring that American women have no liberty. Follow the garment workers striking, the Triangle factory burning, the rich ladies putting on programs in their fancy clubhouses and watch Fifth Avenue become a canvas for women on horseback, in automobiles and on foot, in ever-increasing numbers, until marchers numbered in the tens of thousands and spectators nearly half a million. Italians. Jews. Irish. Atheists. African-Americans. Socialists.William James. WEB Du Bois. All the great characters and movements of early 20th century New York City play a part.

You have never heard American history told this way. If, after victory, the lights went out on the spectacle and the lessons were lost, fear not. They have been retrieved here.


One-on-one help for the first book or the next book and everything in between. Specializing in women's memoirs, American history, translating academic work for a wider audience and those who piensan en espanol y escriben en ingles.


The book behind the talks. A historical pastiche with images that has been called:
"Dazzling. Surprising. Monumental. A great gift of women's history, politics, vision and endless acts of random generosity on behalf of women's rights." Blanche Weisen Cook
"Big, bold, wonderful book. A truly multicultural feast and a joy to read." Darlene Clark Hine
“A delicious, hearty, surprising, delightful minestrone brimming with nourishing information we need.” Nell Irvin Painter

Dreaming in Libro: How a Good Dog Tamed a Bad Woman

"Sharply observed, beautifully written, and bursting at the seams with two big hearts-- one human and one canine," says Claire Cook, author of Must Love Dogs.
An Oprah magazine summer reading pick and #1 choice of the Boxer Rescue Reading Club, this book follows Louise and Libro, the bi-lingual canine, on a hilarious journey around Manhattan's upper west side, cross-country as animal rescue poster kids, to the Hamptons for fun and through the cycles of a lifetime.Now available in paperback.


The prequel. Relatively indifferent to the natural world and happily independent,Louise Bernikow knew nothing about caring for pets. But one day while running along Manhattan’s Hudson River, she came across an abandoned boxer and did what her mother always warned her against - she brought the strange male home.